Hit your goals

Progress Bar is the space and community where you can do your best work and be productive in achieving progress.

Together we make sure that you have whatever you need to achieve your goals.

Be a barista

The best coffee available 🦒 and tea from the tap

Pay per hour

Just need to meet or crunch a couple of hours? You are welcome

24/7 access with a key

Become a member for this privilege

Meals are included too

We have a fully stocked kitchen where we make the tastiest of meals

Fast wifi

Of course lightning fast wireless internet is included

Office essentials

Printing, staplers, sharpies, post-its are also part of the deal

Progress Bar is an All-In offer where you contribute a fixed fee for access to all that we have to share.


For when you do need privacy, we have free meeting rooms that are stocked


Need gear to record a podcast, video or to play games? All present


You thought about it, and it's true. You name it, we will have it.

We understand you want to see the space, so we have added some pictures. However, pictures do not do the space justice. So please book a trial day if you want to see what is up. One of our members comes in from Italy every once in a while and has commented that the space has improvements every time he comes.

Below is an older video from when we still hosted the Incubator Academy by the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Come have a look

Join us for as long as you wish. Make an appointment, grab a coffee and achieve your goals.

Per Hour

€ 5,-

This is what you want. No need to book because you have a key. We also offer part-time memberships starting at 99,-


€ 199,-

Keys, a fixed desk and your logo on the wall? Become a resident and semi own the place.


€ 249,-

Co-Working meets bar

Except you don't pay for over priced m2 or cocktails, simply pay for your time spent, or get a membership and make your life easier and even more affordable.

Per Day

€ 25,-

One full day should get your to-do list to a minimum. Don't forget to wrap up with a fresh one.

All rates are excluding VAT

Not just events. The best events.

We understand that events are basically 'free' marketing for your space. However, instead of facilitating every event, we make sure that whatever happens, is of interest to our members. We have had the pleasure of hosting the following, and speakers such as Tristan Kromer, Brant Cooper and Yuri van Geest.

The city of Rotterdam hosted SXSW network events

Progress Bar was the first host and instigator for CoderDojo in the  Netherlands

Pirate Summit held a pitching competition in our venue.

Progress Bar Rotterdam was part of Web Summit's European tour.

A couple of times per year there is a full weekend Startup Academy at Progress Bar

You can book Progress Bar for your event. Conditions do apply, but let's have coffee?